Who is Hodge the dog?
Well, the pictures at the right and bottom should help.

Born sometime around the beginning of May 2000, Hodge came from P.A.W.S Chicago (Pets Are Worth Saving) and the City of Chicago's Animal Control. No one was sure what type of mix he was, although there are many different opinions. He was named for this reason since he was a hodge podge of dogs.

The story of how Hodge came to be our dog is rather sweet. In late 1999 we bought a bungalow with a fenced yard on the Northwest side of Chicago. As a birthday present the following Fall, I told my fiancee (now wife), Nicole, she could now have a dog. We traveled to various animal shelters all over looking for the perfect dog. The last place we stopped was the City of Chicago's Animal Control on the Southside, otherwise known as the pound. There we found two dogs we really liked, but the choice was too hard to make and Nicole left the building crying. How could you pick one dog's life to save, knowing the other may be put down? We left that day without a dog and decided we would try again when we were more emotionally ready for it.

The following day Nicole was volunteering for P.A.W.S (Pets Are Worth Saving) at a local area shopping center. The organization brings dogs from local shelters to public centers in hopes that families will adopt them. We joked that if either dog was there that day we would have to bring him home. Of course, Hodge was one of the dogs brought out. We filled out the paper work and took him home with us.

Hodge lived with us on the Northwest side of Chicago for about 3 years. In 2003 we relocated to North Texas where he greatly enjoyed a large back yard, a pool and a pond with ducks. Hodge welcomed the addition of our kids to the family; Quin 2004 and Delaney late 2007. He loved to be with us and we loved being with him. Hodge was with us till early 2014.

We will never be able to fully explain the impact this mutt of mutts had on our lives. Hodge was never a family pet, he was a part of our family.

We encourage anyone who is considering getting a pet to look into local shelters and organizations that help abandoned and/or lost animals. You can help reduce the number of animals euthanized every year by adopting pets from local shelters and by neutering your pet.

Dressed as a bee for Halloween in Texas

Enjoying time in the Texas sized backyard

Hodge around one year old in Chicago

Hodge demonstrating his remodeling
skills in the Chicago house.
Notice the chewed trim and ripped carpet.

What a cute face!!

Never Forgotten & Forever Loved
Hodge Podge

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